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Pride Day is Here!

What to Know & Bring:

- Bring your debit/credit cards, we WILL have card readers so you can buy raffle tickets, pride merchandise, and beer. Cash and local checks also accepted.

- Bring or plan to buy water. We do not have free water.

- We will be on Facebook and Twitter with any updates or day-of news.  #cvillepride

- We DO have free PRIDE GUIDES, listing all our sponsors and the LGBTQ-friendly businesses and organizations participating in the day’s events. We also have free PRIDE WRISTBANDS, that gets you discounts and free access to the after parties. Pick both up at the Main Tent, located in front of the Lee statue in the middle of the park.

- Bring a blanket or folding chair if you want to sit on the grass to enjoy the performances. See the schedule.

- Seating is available for those who physically need it

- Parking is limited. We DO have a few designated spaces for drivers with handicapped parking permits.

- Wheelchair, stroller access: You can access the park on wheels at the corner of E. Jefferson and 2nd, next to the library

- There will be security in the park. Info, first aid, all available at the main tent in front of the Lee statue.

- Portapotties will be available at the back of the park.

Pride Calendar of Events

Pride Week: Sept. 9-15, 2013


View the PDF flier: Pride Calendar of Events

Pride Festival4x6MONDAY, SEPT. 9

Out Loud – LGBTQ Portraits by Samia Ansari
Join us to celebrate this exhibition of photographs of our local community!


Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition and Drag Show
Fellini’s, 9 p.m.
Contests with prizes! Winners for Best Costume, Best Name, Rock-Paper-Scissors

A benefit for AIDS Services Group


Karaoke at
Escafe, 9 p.m.


Welcome Reception for LGBT Faculty & Staff
Pavilion IX, 4-6 p.m.
Hosted by the U.Va. LGBT Committee

Queer Families Discussion 
Wesley Foundation, 8:30 p.m.
Queer Student Union, UVA

Adult Trivia Night, hosted by Reigna Beaux
Escafe, 9 p.m.


Drag Bingo
Frye’s Spring Beach Club, 8 p.m.
Hosted by the AIDS Services Group



9 p.m. Official After Party: Escafe

Rapture with DJ Tris Tiffany at C’ville Pride Festival - get in free with your Pride wristband!

Commonwealth Sky Bar – get in free with your Pride wristband!

Fellinis #9


Brunch and Tea Dance
Escafe, 10:30 a.m.

Pride Festival 2013


Last year, we said “It’s about time.” And it was – and we had the time of our lives!

This year’s theme: LOVE WINS.

Hosted by Brad Savage and Dave Norris

Join us for a full day of fun, entertainment, uplifting the entire community. Gay, straight, all are welcome. An experience like no other in Charlottesville.

Featuring music and drag performances by local artists, DJ Tris and Drum Call: View the full schedule

Visit the Beer Garden, by MillerCoors and Blue Ridge Beverage

Get free prints with family and friends at the Photo Booth

Bounce in the bouncy castle (adults, too!)

Get your free wristband and enjoy discounts from jean theory, Blue Moon Diner, more

Get your face painted and your nails done

Enjoy free coffee from Starbucks

Enter the amazing raffle, with gifts from hotels, restaurants, jewelers, more

Check out over 40  vendors offering food, services, resources, merchandise

Take your kids to the Children’s Rainbow Area, featuring Explorations Play Studio fun, balloons, stories, moonbounce, more

See the list of sponsors supporting the festival and offering raffle gifts and discounts

And make sure to tell us on Facebook that you are coming!

NOTE: Vendor registration is closed as of Tuesday, August 27th.

Brought to you by:

Gals, come on down to the Sky Bar on Friday March 21 after work.  Right on the downtown mall.  Catch up with old friends, meet new people, enjoy a drink or soda on the rooftop patio.

Come celebrate St. Patricks Day with the gals!   Saturday March 15, 9:00 pm until you can’t dance anymore.  The dance will be held at the Impulse Gay Social Club (address below).  $10 cover.  Beer and wine available for purchase.  Non-smoking.  Question?  Contact or  We are thrilled to announce that Drop Ded Red will be the DJ for this event!!

Saturday March 15 @ 9:00 pm — ????
Impulse Gay Social Club – 1417 Emmet St. N, Charlottesville VA


Pride isn’t just once a year – it happens all year long. Upcoming opportunities to participate:

- Cville Pride will have a float in the Dogwood Parade! Volunteers to help decorate and ride the float needed!

- Cville Pride will also have other volunteer opportunities coming up this year, including working at Fridays After Five, having a booth at Tom Tom Festival, etc. If you are interested in helping out, let us know.

- Finally, SAVE THE DATE: 3rd annual 2014 Cville Pride Festival will be September 13th. Mark your calendars! Location TBD. Again, let us know if you would like to be involved!

Sign up to volunteer today!

Lent Event 2014

The ceremonial Ask: Along with a statewide effort led by People of Faith for Equality in Virginia, we visited the Charlottesville and Albemarle courthouses to ask for marriage licenses, deliver chocolate, and raise awareness about why we need marriage equality in Virginia.

Thanks to everyone who joined us to deliver chocolate and raise awareness for marriage equality!

Cville Pride and others in the LGBTQ community gather at the Cville Circuit Court.

Cville Pride and others in the LGBTQ community gather at the Cville Circuit Court.

So much has been happening recently, it’s practically overwhelming!

Listen: This morning, Monday, Feb. 17, Lisa Green, Cville Pride VP, talks with WTJU’s Soundboard about Michael Sam and what his coming out means for sports and our culture

Watch: Following the judge’s ruling overturning the Virginia ban against same-sex marriage, Cville Pride responds in local news coverage

Cville Pride at dinner

Buck Smith, Lisa Green, Sally, and Amy Sarah Marshall celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Share the Love benefit for Rosmy

Cville’s annual Share the Love dinner took place Saturday, Feb. 15, at Escafe, a fundraiser for ROSMY

Coming soon:

Join us: Equality Virginia dinner in Richmond is April 5 and features Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black

March!: Dogwood Festival parade – want to help with the Cville Pride float? Email us! 


After reading your questions, I noticed that they had covered topics that I would have little effect on if elected to city council.

However, I appreciate your need to understand more about me and how I might act in the best interest of the GLBT community.  As a policeman, I took seriously the idea “to protect and defend” and that extended to all citizens regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. To many in the GLBT those might sound like empty words but I believe those words have been back up with actions over my life.  I worked at Club 216 and Tryangles as security for about 5 years for Clyde and with Kris Graziano–a long time dear friend. Through that experience I met many of the gay and lesbian community.   To this day I still have friends from those days of working at Club 216.

However my closest relationship in the GLBT community is one of the loves of my life, my daughter. I have four daughters and one of them is gay. I love her as I love all my children. She and her partner are a regular part of our family. We feel lucky that she lives nearby, in Richmond, and we see each other often.

I have told you about my life in order to give you a deeper understanding of my view on proclamations and some ordinances. If elected to council I will not support any ordinance that would have no enforceable effect. It is nothing more than an empty promise that lacks the true force of government but makes those who pass it feel good.  A resolution acknowledging the girl’s HS basketball team, or our HS chorus would be a proper document celebrating their success and I would support that.  But whether it is nuclear weapons, attacking Syria or banning drones or endorsing marijuana, I will defer or vote no every time.  And that is not a reflection of my thoughts pro or con on any of those subjects, it is just a principle.  As for another principle, I am sure we agree that just because someone doesn’t march in a parade or carry a banner doesn’t show a lack of respect because true freedom of choice applies to everyone.

And in the area of bullying or hate crimes, I detest both and would fight as I did as a police officer to protect the victims of any such circumstances.

I hope you understand  a little better who I am and what kind of City Councilor I would be.

1. The County Supervisors failed to adopt a community-proposed and community-supported resolution recognizing the local LGBTQ community and the community’s September, 14 2013 Cville Pride Festival. Question: If elected, would you likely support or likely not support such a resolution?

Most resolutions considered and passed by governing bodies in the public and nonprofit community are positive affirmations or are meant to draw attention to a day, week, month or event where something is celebrated.  I wrote many resolutions for my board when I was Chamber president and from time to time we asked our surrounding jurisdictions to adopt resolutions we wrote for them.

I would be pleased to help author and support a resolution recognizing the local LGBTQ community or any public event celebrating the local LGBTQ community that was thoughtfully organized.

2. The Virginia Constitution treats same-sex partners, their children, and other dependents in the household as legal strangers by its particular definition of marriage, and forbids local governments to “create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status,” with the stated purpose to deny rights and benefits to disapproved households ( Section 15.A). Lesbian and gay households are harmed in many ways because of these legal mandates, which local governments participate in and enforce against its local residents. Question: Do you believe that these harms are justifiable?  If justifiable, for what reasons?

Other states have changed these discriminatory practices but not so here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These harms are not justifiable.

3. Albemarle is a place where people come to work, live, and retire from all over the country and the world. Around the world, many countries respect and recognize same-sex marriage, and many more have human rights protections for LGBT. And recently the City of Charlottesville included LGBT within its human rights ordinance, although Virginia’s human rights statute does not include them. [ for lists of countries that broadly protect the human rights of LGBT - e.g. Canada, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Argentina, New Zealand, etc - and for countries that do not – e.g. Libya, Sudan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Syria, etc ] Question: Should the human rights of LGBT be protected in Albemarle County?


4. Recent  research reports significant employment discrimination against gay and lesbian people: 42% had experienced employment discrimination at some point in their lives, and 27% had experienced employment discrimination just during the five-year period prior to the survey; employment discrimination is more common among LGB employees who are open about their sexual orientation in the workplace than among those who are not ( 38% of employees who are out in the workplace had experienced discrimination in the five year period prior to the survey, compared with 10% of those who are not out). Transgender persons report widespread discrimination, harassment and other abuses in workplaces. Question: Should Albemarle County maintain policies, and implement strategies, to ensure awareness and fairness in County workplaces for LGBT workers?



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