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Celebrating marriage equality in 2015.
Celebrating marriage equality in 2015.

We have a number of initiatives and projects we have heard the community wanting to see happen.

LGBT Health Forum & Conference

The Need

Community members need to find LGBTQ-friendly healthcare providers, both medical and psychological. There does not currently exist any way to make this happen.

Healthcare providers can often lack awareness of LGBTQ health issues, safe-space training, knowledge of available resources. Those who do have the training and awareness of LGBTQ issues and resources do not have a way to communicate this to the community.

Our Work
Cville Pride has brought together a forum of local healthcare providers to begin to address the disconnections and gaps in access and adequate services.

How Your Support Can Help

Through several meetings of the forum and with individual providers, we have identified the next steps to include:

  • Creating an online list/database of LGBTQ-friendly providers
  • Providing safe-space training to providers
  • Convening a day-long conference on LGBTQ healthcare issues that offers training, resources, education, and a chance for collaboration

Business Alliance /Local Chamber of Commerce 

The Need

Create a public, visible symbol and sense of inclusion, to increase the vibrancy of commerce, attract LGBTQ shoppers and businesses to Cville, make people feel more comfortable, know where they are welcome. Establish a local business alliance supporting gay business owners and establishing a mechanism by which gay-friendly businesses can be visible to the community

Our Work To Date

We are currently collaborating with the new Virginia Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce, itself a subsidiary of the national organization, to create a local presence for the chamber.

We are also plugged into the work being done by the newly established statewide LGBT Tourism Task Force.

We have created an online list of vendors and sponsor and an online list of wedding vendors. 

How Your Support Can Help

  • Creation and publication of materials about the local chamber to local businesses
  • Sponsor speakers and meetings for the local chapter
  • Help advertise Charlottesville to the state and beyond as a place to visit, live, and do business

Education & Training

The Need

Current safe-space training in schools is spotty. Trainings exist but need greater promotion. Diversity training for businesses and organizations goes beyond the nominal support but enriches the entire community through education and real creation of safe spaces for visitors, community members, youth.

Our Work To Date
We are currently collaborating with organizations and individuals to propose a number of initiatives to our local school boards. We have also identified nonprofit organizations wiling to receive safe-space training for staff.

How Your Support Can Help

Cville Pride would like to:

  • Continue to provide trainings and resource offerings to schools, organizations, businesses, and public entities through the Charlottesville Area Safe Space Trainers coalition
  • Raise awareness about the need for such trainings
  • Offer programs for underserved youth, too young for services

Hospitality for New & Prospective Movers

The Need

A mechanism to provide support and resources to those new to the gay community that provides a clear, coherent entry to services, support, events, and information.

Our Work To Date

We have developed print and online resource lists and have raised awareness about Charlottesville throughout the state at Pride events and through media outreach.

How Your Support Can Help

Working in conjunction with statewide efforts led by the LGBT Tourism Task Force, Cville Pride would like to create a more robust ‘welcome wagon’ by:

  • Creating a an online and print brochure and video for potential visitors and possible relocations with images and narratives to introduce and familiarize people to the LGBTQ community in Charlottesville
  • Working with area businesses on ways to make the area safe and attractive to prospective residents

Outreach & Organizing

The Need

The most obvious gap in Charlottesville for the LGBT community is a lack of a centralized space, whether physical or virtual.

Cville Pride has sought to fill this gap by becoming the go-to online resource for the LGBT community as a place to find information and events. We have also sponsored and publicized community events and issues through online marketing channels.

Yet the need remains clear: The LGBT community throughout the region lacks the kind of visibility and cohesive support that would make this area a truly open, affirming, welcoming space to live and work.

How Your Support Can Help

With more resources, Cville Pride could:

  • Generate targeted programs for under-supported members of the LGBT community, like senior citizens, foster children, people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities
  • Hire interns and staff to coordinate and publicize events, support groups, manage connections between entities
  • Purchase advertising space
  • Procure and store materials (such as banners, flags, etc.) that will allow us to make sure that our community is visible both for planned events and for unforeseeable needs, such as rallies and vigils
  • Improve the Cville Pride website and online communications
  • Create more community-building events throughout the year

Everything takes money. With your support, we can try to make these things a reality. Give now.