pride project 2020

Pride is Everywhere: Photo Project 2020

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We can’t gather together. So let’s at least gather our images together.

We can’t march in the streets to show our pride. So let’s snap photos of how we show our pride in our daily lives.

It’s June 2020, a Pride month marked by coronavirus pandemic and protests against the merciless murder of black brothers and sisters by police and systemic racism. It’s not so much a “Happy Pride!” kind of month.

But we do need each other. So send us your photos, and we’ll make a montage that everyone can be proud of. Our community continues to exist. No one is alone. We’re part of a larger whole. We belong.

And remember, Pride is a protest. Every time you wear a rainbow, drive with a rainbow on your car, put on a shirt, hold hands in public with your same-sex partner – these are acts of resistance to a society that has oppressed us and pushed us to the margins for ages.

Love and joy continue to be acts of courage. Show your Pride, however you want to, however you can, and know that your act, big or small, is part of a large movement, makes a difference.

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