Youth Update: Trans Bills & Pride Gathering Gets Local News Coverage

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nbc29 story photo youth eventWe’re so grateful and excited that NBC 29 covered the LGBTQ+ youth event at Firefly on Sunday. It’s great to get the word out there – hopefully more kids who would benefit the chance to socialize in a safe, welcoming environment will be able to join in the fun.

LGBTQ+ Kids: Unsafe in Schools

As we noted to the reporter, even though the percentage of Millenials and Gen Z youth identifying as LGBTQ+ has risen above 25%, schools remain unsafe. According to the latest GLSEN research, most queer youth experience harassment, bullying, and verbal bias based on gender identity/sexual orientation from adults and students at school on a daily basis. GLSEN Virginia LGBTQ+ youth stats

Getting a chance to interact with other LGBTQ+ kids, make friends, and have fun without fear reinforces positive identity development and self-esteem. These events happen monthly.

Know an LGBTQ+ Kid Who Wants to Attend?

All ages welcome. Events are free. You can sign up for the email notifications by writing

See our interview at the youth event.

latest stats on lgbtq americans


Good News for Trans Kids in the Virginia Legislature

It looks like we might have new law encouraging school systems to develop policy to support transgender youth. According to NBC 29:

Senate Bill 161 passed the House of Delegates on Thursday by a 58 to 40 vote, and will now go before Governor Ralph Northam to sign. The bill directs Virginia’s Department of Education to create model policies regarding the treatment of transgender students in public schools, from student identification by chosen name and pronouns to maintaining a harassment-free learning environment. The policies will then be provided to school boards across the state to model their own policies after.

We’re super excited to see these shifts take place to ensure the safety, emotional and physical, of our youth!

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