Mike Hallahan on LGBTQ Issues

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Mike Hallahan is running for the Albemarle County board of supervisors  for the Scottsville district. Here’s his take on LGBTQ issues. Don’t forget to vote June 11!

Q: Do you consider yourself to be an LGBTQ ally? Why/why not?

Yes I do consider myself to be an ally with the LGBTQ. The reason is quite simple; all people are equal!!!

Q: As an elected official, what role will you play or push your elected body to play in promoting the safety and wellness of LGBTQ people who are parents, children, homeless, of color, disabled, tourists, new to the area?

As an elected official, I will equally represent all the people of our district. No one group should be singled out for discrimination or special treatment. If I see any discrimination of any kind against anyone regardless of what group they align themselves with, that discrimination will quickly be put down and condemned. Life is complicated enough with everyday issues there is no time for any type of discrimination and I have no patience for it.

Q: Are you safe-space trained and, if not, are you willing to be and to push your fellow officials, staff, and partners to get trained, along with training in implicit bias and bystander training addressing race and gender issues that also affect members of the LGBTQ community?

I would want the LGBTQ community to know that they have an ally with me because I will not tolerate any discrimination. Everyone is created equal and that will not be forgotten. My cell number is 434 760 1793, call or text anytime with any other questions.


Q: What else do you want the local LGBTQ community to know about you?

I think it’s critical that Delegates empower constituents as effective advocates. Often the hardest part about securing rights for any vulnerable group is getting their stories and voices heard. I’d be eager to support our local LGBTQ community in coordinating with allied groups across Virginia so we can collectively build the strongest voice for legislative action in Richmond. I’m a big believer that elected officials and community advocates should work together, not just to design the appropriate policies but to rally the political momentum it takes to get them passed.

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