jerrod smith on lgbtq issues

Candidate Jerrod Smith on LGBTQ Issues

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Jerrod Smith is running for the Albemarle County board of supervisors  for the district. Here’s his take on LGBTQ issues. Don’t forget to vote June 11!

Q: Do you consider yourself to be an LGBTQ ally? Why/why not?

I consider myself an ally. I am from a people who have been marginalized in society so I’m sensitive to the needs of other communities that may face discrimination and intimidation in all aspects of their lives.  As representatives, we must be sensitive to communities of marginalized people in order to make sure that we are providing the groundwork for a more inclusive society.  You’ll often hear me say on the campaign trail “One Albemarle”.  The meaning of “One Albemarle” is working toward the creation of a society anyone can feel safe and succeed.

Q: As an elected official, what role will you play or push your elected body to play in promoting the safety and wellness of LGBTQ people who are parents, children, homeless, of color, disabled, tourists, new to the area?

I understand that government is designed to be representative.  In order to better our community we, cannot afford to allow groups to feel ostracized by certain policies, and institutions in any way.  We can only get stronger by working together to build the society that is inclusive and respectful of everyone.

Q: Are you safe-space trained and, if not, are you willing to be and to push your fellow officials, staff, and partners to get trained, along with training in implicit bias and bystander training addressing race and gender issues that also affect members of the LGBTQ community?

I am not safe-space trained. I am willing to be trained and to push others to understand and to be able to address issues that affect the LGBTQ community.


Q: What else do you want the local LGBTQ community to know about you?

One thing that I’m big on is inclusivity, and opportunity. I’m running a campaign that is designed to allow everyone that wants to succeed the chance and space to.  This is a cornerstone of my campaign and it can’t be achieved if we are not aware of the needs of populations that have been historically marginalized throughout history.

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