kathy galvin on lgbtq issues

Candidate Kathy Galvin on LGBTQ Issues

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Kathy Galvin is running as delegate for the 57th district here in Virginia. Here’s her take on LGBTQ issues. Don’t forget to vote June 11!

Q: Do you consider yourself to be an LGBTQ ally? Why/why not? 
Q: As an elected official, what role will you play or push your elected body to play in promoting the safety and wellness of LGBTQ people who are parents, children, homeless, of color, disabled, tourists, new to the area? 
Supported having gender identity, transgender status or sexual orientation among the protected classes in our local human rights commission ordinance.  This is not included in the Virginia Code’s Human Rights Act. I will work to include Charlottesville’s language in Virginia Code, as without it LGBTQ members of our community aren’t protected against discrimination.  
3. Are you safe-space trained and, if not, are you willing to be and to push your fellow officials, staff, and partners to get trained, along with trainings in implicit bias and bystander training addressing race and gender issues that also affect members of the LGBTQ community? 
No I am not safe-space or bystander trained, however I would be willing to undertake such training and encourage my colleagues to do so. I have gone to several implicit bias workshops over the years, and have been trained as an adjunct faculty member to identify and report cases where I think a student has been abused or physically and sexually harrassed.
Q: What else do you want the local LGBTQ community to know about you?
It has been recently reported (https://www.bankrate.com/mortgages/lgbt-mortgage-lending-bias/ , https://ncrc.org/washington-post-same-sex-couples-applying-for-a-mortgage-face-higher-rejection-and-worse-rates-study-finds/) that LGBTQ couples are inordinately denied mortages from banks (a latter day version of redlining in my view).  Without gender identity, transgender status or sexual orientation being a protected class, there would appear to be no coverage under the VA Human Rights Act, to take action on this form of discrimination.

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