Educate Your Vote: Where the Candidates Stand on LGBTQ Issues

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The Democratic primary is coming soon, and we encourage everyone to vote June 11.

Make sure you know where the candidates stand on LGBTQ issues, especially in an era when it is still legal to fire someone or deny housing based on their sexual orientation or gender identity here in Virginia. The battle to allow doctors and other service providers the right to use religious freedom as a reason to refuse service to people who are in the LGBTQ community continues. Trans people are especially vulnerable to legalized discrimination.

Whether you’re in the LGBTQ community, an ally, or just someone who cares about equality and fairness for all who live, work, and travel in Virginia, take a minute to understand the critical issues at stake and whether or not your elected officials intend to act on them.

Local Candidate LGBTQ Issues Q & A

Cville Pride asked some local candidates to weigh in on their relationship and concern for the LGBTQ community and issues. Here’s their answers.

Charlottesville City Council candidates:

Delegate candidates for the 57th district:

Read up on all the candidates in local elections.

*Brown is an independent candidate. This means you can vote for him in the main election in November, but he’s not part of the primary on June 11.

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