2017 pride festival vendor
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Vendor Profile, ACLU: “Come See a Beautiful, Resilient, and Vibrant Charlottesville”

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The ACLU is just one of over 70 vendors participating at the Cville Pride Festival #7 on Sept. 15. Here’s why they think you should come say hi.
How long have you been supporting/involved with Cville Pride?
We’ve been supporting CVille Pride since 2013.What motivated you to get involved?
We’d love to connect with the LGBTQ community and advocates in Charlottesville, hear from everyone regarding the civil rights issues that they care the most about, and be a resourceful ally to LGBTQ folks in the area.

What’s your favorite thing about the festival?
Overall, we enjoy the conversations, the welcoming atmosphere, and an opportunity to connect with everyone on a more personal level.

Why should people come to the Cville Pride Festival? 
If you want to see a beautiful, resilient, and vibrant Charlottesville that is united by love and respect for everyone, no matter who they are or who they love, you wouldn’t want to miss CVille Pride!

What effect or change has having the festival made to the area?
CVille Pride offers an invaluable opportunity for the community to come together and connect with people from all walks of life. The event facilitates important conversations about the fight for LGBTQ rights and helps foster organic community projects to promote equality in the area.

What does LGBTQ Pride mean to you? 
To us, CVille Pride is a chance to appreciate and connect with people who live their truths with courage and pride.

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