Now You Know We’re Moving: Let Us Tell You Why

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People have asked questions about the reason we’re moving to the Sprint Pavilion, away from Emancipation Park (Lee Park).


We apologize that we didn’t state in our previous announcement that the under (and over) lying issues about Emancipation/Lee Park were a major factor in our leaving this venue. We couldn’t in good conscience remain at a place with such a divisive and ugly history.


We are grateful to the managers of the Pavilion, and Kristin Szakos, for making this move possible. The logistics will be improved. Cville Pride has been looking at moving to the Pavilion for several years. The costs associated with putting on this kind of event at a park – finding energy, building a fence, getting bathrooms, hiring a stage, etc. – are high, as is the risk if weather is bad. We have not, until this year, had the ability to secure the space.


No place is perfect. But we felt that the end of the downtown mall met as many needs as could be accommodated while being practical for a nonprofit, all-volunteer group to pull off.


As part of this conversation, we did reach out to LGBTQA people of color, as well as allies of color, who have participated in and provide leadership for Pride for guidance.


Cville Pride does not support in any way the oppression of anyone. We unite under a rainbow that itself was created to fly over the heads of every race, color, creed, and identity, especially those marginalized by mainstream society. We acknowledge that a diversity of opinions will always play a role in anything we do.  At the end of the day, it is critical, in our view, that we do what we can to offer an event that LGBTQA people will be proud to attend.

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*Interesting histories of rainbow flags and Left movements abound – too many to discuss here. But interestingly, according to one source, “The original Rainbow Coalition, which was set up by the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party … offers an inspiring example of how identity politics can result in cross-class and interracial solidarity rather than fragmentation of the Left.”

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