Safe vs. Welcoming

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SAFECville_SAFEVirginia_LOGOAt SafeCville, we differentiate between “welcoming” and “safe” spaces. We provide these definitions so that there may be fewer misunderstandings about the kinds of spaces that are offered to the LGBTQ+ community in our region.
Welcoming Spaces

A “welcoming space” is one in which the principal representative(s) of an organization publicly indicated that their organization welcomes LGBTQ+ clients, customers, visitors, etc. The organization may also have adopted a policies that affirm a commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination. View the¬†resource¬†lists individuals and organizations that have notified Cville Pride that they are ‘welcoming spaces.’

Safe Spaces

A ‘safe space’ is one in which the principal representative(s) of an organization, along with 50% of the organization’s staff or members, have completed Safe Space training provided by SafeCville or one of the coalition partners (UVA and City of Charlottesville). Organizations that have completed this training are noted in our Resources section.

Why Get Trained?

Without diminishing the importance, and value, in declaring one’s space “welcoming,” we also acknowledge that safe space training provides invaluable information about ways in which allies can be more prepared to offer spaces in which LGBTQ+ can feel not just welcomed, but be truly safe.

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