Stonewall in Cville: A Year of Celebration & Memory, National & Local

Stonewall in Cville logo 2019
Stonewall. It’s a word many in the LGBTQ community know, if vaguely. Many in the mainstream community have even less familiarity with this event — although many hail it, accurately or not, as the inception of the modern gay rights movement.

This year, 2019, marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. What does it mean to us in this time and place?

From Stonewall to Charlottesville

Stonewall and the movement that followed it had ripple effects of change throughout the world. But the LGBTQ community has been surviving and thriving in Charlottesville long before that. And the shifts towards civil rights, inclusion, and acceptance that have occurred here in Central Virginia since Stonewall happened because of people who, whether or not they were born here, decided to make this place home.

Who were they? What happened here? How did the gay rights movement find its way here? What does it mean for our community now?

Cville Pride and partners have joined together to begin recovering, unearthing, and discovering the answers to these questions. Throughout 2019, we’ll be telling both national and local stories of the LGBTQ experience through art, film, discussion, books, and other events.