Board & Coordinator Positions Open

We are always looking to expand and grow!

Committee Coordinators/Representatives: You don’t have to be a board member to be a representative leading a committee or project with Cville Pride. If you would like to gain experience and help out the mission in a particular area of focus, this is a great way to target your involvement and time.
Board Members: We are an all-volunteer, unpaid, working board; this means we serve as both staff and board members. The full board meets monthly, currently the first Thursday evening of every month, with subcommittee meetings at other times, as needed.
We are looking for board members who will:
– Enthusiastically promote the work and mission of Cville Pride
– Attend board meetings, approve minutes, respond to emails in a timely manner
– Attend and help with as many of the events we put on as possible
– Lead the efforts of at least one subcommittee (see open committees below)
– Help with fundraising
– Offer ideas and bring fresh vision and perspective to the organization
– Have something at stake and feel personally connected to the mission
– Have fun while working with the rest of the board and volunteers

We need a board member or representative to coordinate volunteers throughout the year. This involves:
– Finding volunteers through other organizations, schools, colleges, events
– Forging and developing relationships with volunteers
– Using email and social media to keep volunteers engaged and motivated
– Organizing volunteers for events

We need a board member or representative to coordinate our fundraising efforts by:
– Identifying potential funders, grants, fundraising opportunities
– Gathering assets to create grant applications and fundraising appeals
– Guiding board members and volunteers in development efforts

Marketing & Communications
We need people who can:
– Take direction from the board president with regard to messaging
– Offer ideas, take photos, show initiative
– Use WordPress to update the website
– Use Facebook and Twitter to help keep them current
– Use MailChimp to create and send monthly newsletters

Business & Community Relations
We need help with:
– Establish, maintain, and maximize relationships with community organizations and businesses
– Attend local business and community meetings (Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
– Use social media as well as professional, personal interactions
– Help launch an LGBTQ business alliance
– Maintain relationship with tourism boards, state and local
Note: We also need minor administrative and assistant-like help, maintaining data, responding to emails, etc. We’d love interns and others interested who have limited time but want to help.
If you are interested in applying for either a board position or committee representative position, please email the following:
– resume or list of related experience
– letter of interest, explaining why you want to apply and what you would hope to offer
If you have not previously volunteered with Cville Pride, and you are accepted to a position, we will, for your benefit and ours, count the first six months as provisional – so that we can determine if this is the right fit for you!
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