Transgender Resources

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*See here to contact PP for clinics that provide this service



Lisa Gaudet, Notary Public

Name change? LGBTQ-friendly notary offering FREE services to members of the trans community. Email Lisa.

Jessica Tiller, Estate Planning of Charlottesville, PLLC

Call (434) 219-9896 or email

Name Change: What You Need to Do

  1. Circuit Court – Name Change

Hand-deliver the form. There will be a filing fee ($40.00-$50.00). Highly unlikely that there will be hearing – they’ll mail copy of certified order. You can request additional copies. (Enclose a cover letter with the check and instructions for additional copies.)

  1. Social Security Dept – Gender Marker and Name Change

Requires a certified form, actual form for social security, and a letter from a doctor. Bring current, non-expired ID,  too.

  1. DMV – License Change
  • Send DMV form DL17 to the DMV.
  • Bring certified name-change form.
  • Bring new card with new name from Social Security.
  1. Passport Application

Call ahead to an authorized place, such as a post office. Bring a certified name-change form, letter from physician, and proof of ID. Medical doctor or NP needs letter.

  1. Birth Certificate

Visit the Witman Walker Clinic in DC.

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