LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

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Charlottesville’s Earthly Cleaningcville earthly cleaning logo
Commercial and residential services that use effective, green, earth-friendly ingredients

Bagel Ladies
Don’t miss this local favorite – now available online!

The Pie Chest
Amazing coffee & pie on the Downtown Mallpie chest

K & K Recycling
If you have outdated, non-working, no longer needed electronics that you need to dispose of, get them broken down into recycle-able parts, not sent to a landfill. Currently 2% of all waste is electronic. K & K Electronic recycling helps to protect the environment from chemicals that are released when electronic parts are buried. Obtaining the raw materials to create electronics takes a lot of energy- by putting the raw materials back into the right place, we can re-use what is available instead of mining for more. $20 charge for CRT TVs- all other items accepted without charge.

Marie-Bette Cafe & Bakery
marie bette bakery breadDelicious baked goods at two locations

Cocoa & Spice
Cocoa & Spice serves up local gourmet chocolates.

Cocoa & Spice
Family-owned handcrafted chocolate business