What To Do: Post-Election

change the world infographicWhile the president elect has been public and explicit about his disregard (hatred, evil intentions) for people of color, refugees, immigrants, the poor, disabled, women, trans people, and his election seems to indicate a swell of support for these views from many of our fellow Americans, we at Cville Pride urge us all to take heart. The fact is that we cannot assume that Trump supporters voted yesterday to give a thumbs-up to every offensive, hateful statement he’s made or action he’s taken; as many commentators have noted already, the motivation had more to do with a complex set of experiences and hopes we may not understand but that nonetheless energized at least half of our country.

We cannot, in response to these voters or to Trump himself, reduce ourselves to hate or impotence out of our sadness, fear, anger, and disappointment. We must continue to stand up for each other, for equality, for peace, and for love. We must stay involved in our local communities, continue to protest violence and unjust laws, continue vigilance calling out those abusing their privilege and power, educating ourselves on ways we can empathize with and support those who need it.

We know you are tired, and the last thing you want to talk about now is another election. But we are now less that a year away from electing a new Governor and 100 members to the House of Delegates. This is a crucial time – and the work is not done – not just for our LGBTQ community, but for ALL people. If federal laws protecting our civil rights get overturned at the national level, we will need to have energy at the state level. HB2 in North Carolina is one of those state legislation decisions. Don’t disengage; we have won so much in the last 8 years; now it’s time to protect and defend these gains. By shifting our local and state legislature, we can do that.

We are still America; we are still here. No one is alone. And if we all come together as a unified force, love WILL trump hate.

Ways to Get Involved:

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