Festival Performer Policy

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Cville Pride holds the annual festival with the goal of uplifting, celebrating, and supporting the LGBTQ community and its allies in central Virginia.

With this goal in mind, we follow policies that help us do this to the best of our ability.


The entertainment director puts out a call for performers, advertising on email and social media.  We seek out performers who we believe will, together, create a show featuring a variety of musical genres and performance formats.

We also try to find performers from across the wide spectrum of identities within the LGBTQ community (difference in age, ability, gender, gender orientation, race, language, etc.)


Anyone who wants to can perform. We do not hold auditions. We exclude no one. The stage belongs to the community.

The only caveat we have is if someone has an act that does not work for the venue. Spoken word, theater, and poetry for example, tend to fall flat on a big stage; we’re happy to work with those who have these talents to find other showcase opportunities.

We do prioritize performers who are:

  • Local
  • Visible, vocal allies of the LGBTQ community
  • Representative of intersectional and other marginalized communities


To accommodate as many entertainers as possible, we have to limit each performer’s stage time. Many bands don’t think a 10-minute or 20-minute slot warrants the travel and effort to perform, wanting an hour or two, instead. Since our goal is less about individual performers and more about the community, we can’t accommodate these requests.


We do work to make the festival a safe space for all. We strive to have a family-friendly event. We do screen the lyrics of music to ensure a lack of inappropriate, profane, or violent messages. We ask that all performers respect the positive, inclusive spirit of the festival.

We ask that performers conduct themselves in a respectful manner. We retain the right to cancel the performance of any person who attempts to harm the festival or the organization in any way.


To ensure that our policies are explicit, transparent, and understood by each performer, we require a signed contract that delineates all these points.


We do not pay festival stage performers. This has been a topic of conversation during many board meetings. We always return to the grassroots of this organization: to provide an opportunity for the stage to belong to the community.

We have, from the beginning, made an effort for the Cville Pride Festival to not be the product of one organization, but an experience that belongs to the community. The growth and expansion of the festival, along with all the programs running year-round, resulted directly from the enthusiasm and engagement of all the people who show up, offer support, and share the vision of equality.

If you choose to perform at Cville Pride, we are asking that you do so in the spirit of giving back to the community. Standing on the Pride stage, sharing and expressing your truth, doesn’t just entertain a crowd; it inspires and offers hope to people who desperately need it.

We are grateful to everyone who freely blesses the stage with their presence.