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Playground of Empathy’s Walk in My Shoes Closet Experience

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empathy shoe at cville prideWhat’s it like to be someone else… of a different gender? You can get a chance to find out at this year’s Cville Pride Festival, which is hosting the Playground of Empathy’s Walk in My Shoes Closet.

It’s Art, But More Personal

This immersive, multimedia pop-up experience enables you to see the world through the perspective of someone of a different gender by existing as and engaging directly with this other gender identity.

What Happens During the Experience?

Each 30-minute experience draws on a narrative account given by a real person. You’ll:

  • Wear or touch clothing and accessories of symbolic meaning
  • Watch and listen to point-of-view videos reenacting gender-related memories
  • Respond to reflective questions

Sign Up for the Walk in My Shoes Experience

When: Saturday, Sept. 14, between 9 and 5

Where: City Space, right next to the festival at the Sprint Pavilion

SIGN UP: Reserve a time slot now.

The Project’s Research Partners & Advisors

The interactions are designed through academic research on empathy and learning in collaboration with The Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab at Northeastern University, along with support from Playground of Empathy’s advisors:
  • Emotions researcher Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, president of the Association of Psychological Sciences and professor at Northeastern
  • Dallas Ducar, psychiatric clinician at the Transgender Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Lulu Miller, founding producer of NPR’s Radiolab and Invisibilia.

Visitor psychophysiological data streams are also part of a study at Northeastern testing the effectiveness of immersive experiences to innovate interventions in psychology and neuroscience. 

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  1. I would like to know how to get involved. My wife and I met at Lynchburg College in the 80s and encountered a lot of hate and I ended up losing all my friends over rumors and had to leave the college I wanted to graduate from because of the backlash. We’ve been together 32 years this October and have recently moved back to Lynchburg from new england to be closer to my in-laws and it is obviously very different than New England. Much education still needs to be done down here and we would like to make a difference.

  2. Hello, I’m a proud father of a 14 year old female who is gay and has trouble meeting people. Are there any kind of groups for teens. I’m desperately trying to help her. Any ideas you have, I would appreciate it.

  3. Is it alright if I have a friend who is interested attend with me at 11:30? We have know each other for a long time and are both interested in this experience.

  4. Hi I would like my comment removed from this site as I posted long ago and no one responded. It shows up when I’m searched and wish it to be removed from a search of me. Thank you

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