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Celebrating Stonewall: A National Movement with Local Impact

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Stonewall in Cville logo 2019The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots happens June 28 of this year. In 1969,  in Greenwich Village, New York City, queer people were tired of frequent police raids and harassment. That night, trans women of color led crowds of other queer patrons in standing up to police. A year later, a protest remembering the riots became the first Pride parade. We tend to think of Stonewall as the inception of the modern gay rights movement.

The Stonewall anniversary gives us a chance to not only remember and educate ourselves about that moment – but to broaden awareness about LGBTQ history as a whole – including our local trajectory.

Here’s what’s happening this year in our efforts to remember a past, both national and local, that many of us didn’t even know existed.

The Cville Community Remembers Stonewall

Throughout this year, local organizations will be hosting events to highlight and explore the LGBTQ experience. Join us for interactive, educational, and entertaining events.

See the list of Stonewall-Cville events.

LGBTQ History in Charlottesville

The first lesbian bar – the first gay bar – the hotel where gay men and women of color could hold hands and dance – the hate crime in the late 90s – the trans author who published poetry and art – the activists who changed city and county laws – AIDS activism – business fairs – these are just a few of the many histories we want to tell, starting this year.

Coming Soon: Online History Archive

Cville Pride and partner organizations is launching an initiative to record these stories. We’re creating an online archive to give everyone access to these stories – and invite the community to share artifacts, memories, letters, etc. as well. Stay tuned for the launch of this archive.

Starting Up: A Story Collection Project

We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be recording (video and audio) stories from our local legends to live in the archive.

Share Your Story

Do you have a story to tell? Know someone who should be celebrated and not forgotten? Leave a comment below!

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