Thank You! The 2018 Pride Festival Was Awesome

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“God Loves Gays”: local media gets it right

Remember when hurricanes were proof that God was punishing America for harboring live queers?

Well, that theory was debunked last weekend – when rainbows broke through the rain, and almost 8,000 people of all ages, sizes, colors, and queerness showed up at the Sprint Pavilion to celebrate Cville Pride #7.

Thank you to every volunteer, vendor, performer, and visitor who made this event – and the whole week – a joyful and meaningful expression of love.

And although we’re glad we were lucky last Saturday, we are so sad that several Carolina Prides were cancelled – and many people have been suffering due to Hurricane Florence.

We’re donating leftover water and canned goods to survivors of the flood waters and hope you will, too.


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