Sponsor Profile: “Human Love Exists” -Ty Cooper, Lifeview Marketing

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Ty Cooper has supported Cville Pride from the beginning.

How long have you been supporting/involved with Cville Pride?
I have been involved and supporting Cville Pride when it was merely a thought in the big head/brain of Amy-Sarah Marshall. We met before the event was solidified to discuss ideas. My company, Lifeview Marketing & Visuals has supported in various ways but primarily as a sponsor.

What motivated you to get involved?
As a Black man in this country, my primary motivation to get involved with the festival is my responsibility to support groups of people who are targeted with discrimination and restrictions of simple liberties and injustices.
What’s your favorite thing about the festival?
My favorite thing about the Cville Pride Festival is that the actual festival is a gathering of ALL people. You can find conservatives, liberals, non-gay, gay, and diverse ethnicities celebrating humanity together.
Ty Cooper’s shows always feature a diverse set of performers.

Why should people come to the Cville Pride Festival? 

People should come to the Cville Pride Festival to show solidarity to the world that Human Love exists no matter our differences.
What effect or change has having the festival made to the area?
I believe the festival has impacted the area in a positive way. People feel more secure in their right of freedom of expression. People have been empowered to be themselves and in turn see who sincerely respects them or not.
What does LGBTQ Pride mean to you? 
To me LGBTQ Pride means to empower individuals who often felt beaten, discarded, and disrespected. Pride restores dignity.

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