Trans Night Out at The Pie Chest
Trans Night Out at The Pie Chest

Pride & Pie: Business Profile of The Pie Chest

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The Pie Chest has generously hosted the monthly Trans Night Out gathering this last year. We asked them to tell us: Why Pride? What does it mean to you?

Why Do You Support Pride?
We have been supporting Cville Pride as a couple since 2013 and as a business since 2015! As we say, you can’t spell PrIdE without PIE.

We love the organization and festival and as a couple and business partnership, it’s the perfect collision of both of our worlds (work and life). It’s a celebration of openness, safety, belonging, and acceptance, which are the philosophical underpinnings of our business.
Why Pride?
Because it’s fun and a unique celebration of life and human love.
How Has the Pride Festival Changed Charlottesville?
It has brought visibility – hey, we are here – we live among you, you know us – we are all a part of this community, together.
What Does Pride Mean to You?
It means the truth – speaking it, living it, and loving it.
Rachel (Pie Chest)

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