Why Pride: Ashley Farmer of Planned Parenthood

2017 pride festival vendor
You’ll find dozens of vendors offering all kinds of resources & fun giveaways.

We asked our vendors and sponsors to tell us why they come to the Cville Pride Festival. Ashley Farmer of our local Planned Parenthood told us this:

I am motivated to be a part of the festival because of the deep connection between reproductive health and basic LGBTQ rights. When most people think of repro health they normally think about pregnancy (same-sex and queer couples still need access to that!), but it extends to so much more as well – STI testing, birth control, trans health, cancer screenings.

Planned Parenthood is proud to be a safe place for the LGBTQ community to come to for non-judgmental and affirming health care.

I think people should come to the festival because it is welcoming to everyone regardless of your various identities. Everyone should be allowed the opportunity to be their full selves, and Pride is sometimes the only safe avenue for folks to do that.

Come meet Ashley and dozens of other vendors, both local and national, at the 7th Annual Cville Pride Festival on Sept. 15.

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