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Jaxon Cox

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Why I am performing at Pride?
I am performing at pride to celebrate among family, in my eyes we are all family. I want to helo bring everyone together as a one that’s why I am performing at pride!

What motivates me to be an artist in general?
I love to entertain, I also feel that it helps people who are generally shy and soft spoken have an alter ego,  example Jaxon is not shy but on the other hand Kristi is pretty shy! This is what motivates me as a perform!
What do I want Pride festival attendees to take away from my performance?
I would like for the listeners to take away that we are all different and we have different ways of showing it, but we should not judge each other based on music, race or age  That is what I hope  the Pride Festival listeners take away from my performance!
Jaxon Cox will perform during the Down Home Drag Show at Cville Pride!

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