Jak Daniels @ Cville Pride Festival 2017

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My main reason for performing at Pride is getting to reach such a large and diverse crowd with my love of music. It also means so much to me personally to take part in such a large event that is a celebration of the LGBT community and the love we share.

The motivation for the birth of Jak was an outlet for my musical side. I grew up with music being such a huge part of my life and I always wanted to be a rockstar…but not like Joan Jett or Pink….I was more of a Kid Rock or an Axl Rose! Then I discovered that drag kings existed…and that was all she wrote!

I want people to always take away from my performances that you can do anything or become anybody….all you have to do is make the moves…good things come to those who work for it.

Jak Daniels will be performing at the Down Home Drag Show this Saturday!

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