Security at the 2018 Cville Pride Festival


Cville Pride is committed to the safety and security of all Pride Festival attendees and participants. Our location this year – the Sprint Pavilion – provides greater security than our past venue. There will be only three entry/exit points and each of them will have security personnel hired for the event. Volunteers will provide additional security monitoring, and we have hired a medical team to staff the event.

Will Weapons Be Allowed at the Festival?

No. No weapons of any kind will be allowed in the venue. Bags will be checked at all entry points.

Will There Be a Security Check of Bags?


Pavilion Security Policies

The following policies are from the Sprint Pavilion website.

Things that are NOT allowed at Sprint Pavilion:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Alcohol brought in from outside
  • Illegal substances
  • Fireworks
  • Laser Pens
  • Animals (except service animals assisting individuals with disabilities)
  • Portable cooking devices or grills
  • Tall-backed lawn chairs
  • Glass

The goal of the Sprint Pavilion is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for all of our patrons, our performers, and our staff.  With that in mind, beginning in 2018, we will enact new security procedures to make sure that prohibited or dangerous items are not brought into the venue.  For all events, including Fridays After Five, patron points of entry will be limited and there will be a bag check for any packages brought inside the gates.  We encourage our patrons to travel light but, if you do have bags or packages with you, plan for the entry to take a few moments as our staff inspects the bags.  We appreciate your patience so that we can all feel safe. Unfortunately, we do not offer any bag check so please familiarize yourself with our list of prohibited items and leave them at home.


We want a safe, secure event for everyone, and we are doing everything in our power to create that. We understand and take seriously safety concerns that make some people want police and others not want them at all. The Sprint Pavilion requires a police presence, so yes, we will have officers present at the festival.

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