wendy repass

Wendy Repass @ Cville Pride Festival 2017


Why are you performing at Pride?
I’m thrilled to be performing at Charlottesville Pride this year. I think this event is an excellent way to celebrate the LGBTQ community in this area and I’m proud to be a part of it.

What motivates you to be an artist in general?
I used to listen to the radio constantly as a kid. I found music to be a place to experience and communicate deeply felt things and I’ve appreciated this about music and the arts all my life. When I moved to Charlottesville as a UVA undergrad, I used to sit with a keyboard and play music in front of Webb/Watson dorm. Later that year my mother passed away and I picked up the acoustic guitar – it’s been a fun way to commune with friends and strangers ever since.
What do you want Pride festival listeners to take away from your performance?
Take away the thought that we all share the common bond of human emotion and putting on someone else’s shoes, even in the imagination, goes a long way…. Is that what this question is asking? Or – take a CD home with you. I’m releasing a new one this Fall. Either/or 🙂
Wendy will be singing during the singer-songwriter showcase, 1pm at the Sprint Pavilion.

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