Philophonic – DJ @ Cville Pride Festival 2017

ben king philophonic djWhy are you performing at Pride?
I am performing at pride because I believe that we become more united when everyone is able to enjoy something like music.  As individuals we feel it, but as a group it takes on more power.  Ultimately you and everyone in that moment experience something joyful, empowering, and spiritual.  It’s amazing to be a part of that.
What motivates you to be an artist in general?
I am motivated as an artist because I enjoy the feeling I get when I create something.  I long to share what I create in hopes that others will find meaning and beauty in it so that it enhances their lives.
What do you want Pride festival listeners to take away from your performance?
The main thing I want listeners at pride to take away from my performance is just have fun.  Electronic music has always been an inclusive thing.  To me it’s about dancing and letting go of your self-consciousness.  This is about celebrating being who you are or who/what you support, letting go of judgement, and being free.
DJ Philophonic will be hosting a dance party at Cville Pride from 4-5pm at the Sprint Pavilion.

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