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Cville Pride Festival Headliner: Dreama Belle


dreama belle cville pride festival 2017Meet Dreama Belle

Why are you performing at Pride?
I am performing at Pride this year to give back to the community that has given so much to me. As the entertainment director of Charlottesville Pride, I find it to be a privilege to be a public figure for the Charlottesville LGBT community.

What motivates you to be an artist?

I am motivated to be an artist, because it’s the thing that I know how to do best. Being an artist is more than just having a way to make ends meet. It is a lifestyle that  I strive to make as meaningful as possible. When I can make someone feel the things that I am attempting to evoke in them, it makes me feel accomplished. I make it a goal with each artistic endeavor to feel accomplished.

What do you want pride-goers to take away from your performance?

With the selections that I am doing for Pride this year, I hope that my viewers will take with them a feeling of love, acceptance, appreciation, and pride in themselves!

Dreama Belle will be headlining the Cville Pride Festival, performing in the opening and closing drag shows of the festival. Can’t wait for Pride? Find the schedule of Dreama Belle’s upcoming shows.

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