bert darling, cville pride festival headliner

Cville Pride Festival Headliner: Bert Darling

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Meet Mr. Bert Darling

Why are you performing at Pride?
Because I bring something weird and different to the table, I am a proud voice and activist for the strong women within the LGBTQ and drag community. I hope to inspire more kings to come out in drag, my character poses as a symbol of love acceptance and equality! Flamboyant Bert is also a statement for effeminate men as well, they can be just as fabulous as any Diva and there is nothing wrong with that.

What motivates you to be an artist?

It offers a platform for creativity and self expression, every performance is a celebration of who we are! Drag is innovative and for EVERYONE!

What do you want pride-goers to take away from your performance?

My hopes are to remind young future entertainers they can be different, they can sing loud and proud! I want my audience to feel inspired, excited, confident. My job as an entertainer is to make sure my audience feels as fabulous as I do in drag. Hopefully they’ll want to try it themselves. Confidence is your best coat, never take it off.

Mr. Bert Darling will be headlining the Cville Pride Festival, performing in the opening and closing drag shows of the festival.

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