Cville Pride Festival Headliner: Symone Bishop, Miss South Carolina Pride

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Meet Symone Bishop, Miss South Carolina Pridesymone bishop at cville pride 2017

Why are you performing at Pride?
As the current reigning Miss South Carolina Pride, I feel it’s my duty to be apart of as many Pride events as possible to help encourage, educate, and inspire the gay community.

What motivates you to be an artist?
My motivation as an artist comes directly from the audience. The audience inspires me in so many facets of my craft such that it would be crazy for me not to give back to the source of my inspiration.

What do you want pride-goers to take away from your performance?
I would love for pride festival listeners to understand that while my initials spell snob,  it doesn’t mean that I am arrogant or catty but that I am sassy, noteworthy, and obviously beautiful.

Symone Bishop will be headlining the Cville Pride Festival, performing in the opening and closing drag shows of the festival.

You can follow Symone on Instagram at snobishop.

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