Cville Pride 2017 Headliner: Chicki Parm


chicki parm

Meet Chicki Parm

Why are you performing at Pride?
I’m performing at Pride to get a laugh out of the pride-goers.

What motivates you to be an artist?
Making people laugh motivates me to be an artist! I was always the class clown type, so now I have a medium to channel that humor into rather than just making weird comments under my breath.

What do you want pride-goers to take away from your performance?
I want pride-goers to feel that it’s OKĀ for drag to be silly. Oddly enough, drag as an art form can be taken extremely seriously, so I like to give a much more light-hearted approach.

Chicki Parm will be performing at the Cville Pride Festival in theĀ opening and closing drag shows of the festival.

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