2017 Cville Pride Awards: Open for Nominations

Lisa Green giving Att. Gen. Mark Herring a Cville Pride award in 2014.
Lisa Green giving Att. Gen. Mark Herring a Cville Pride award in 2014.

Want to recognize a personal hero?

Have a favorite business you want to recognize?

Tell us! We’re accepting nominations for the following awards:

Impact Award

Recognizes considerable and sustained efforts that have enhanced the development of the Charlottesville area LGBTQ community.

Previous winners: Lyndele von Schill, Linda McNeil

Cornerstone Award

Recognizes substantial contributions and dedication that have created a broad and significant impact on the foundations of the LGBTQ community of Charlottesville.

Previous winners: Roberta Williamson, Clyde Cooper

Political Action Award

Recognizes exceptional support, service, and dedication to the LGBTQ community of Charlottesville while holding a political office.

Previous winners: Llezelle Dugger, Dave Norris

WHO IS YOUR PICK? Nominate Now!

If you know an individual or business you’d like to see receive recognition, leave us a note in comments below or send us an email.

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  1. I would like to nominate Julie Weed for a Cville Pride award. She has been a non-anxious presence, comfortable in her own skin as a teacher, as a mom, and as a presenter for the Safe Space program. Julie and Lynn von Schill brought Safe Space training to our church and helped us understand how we can better live into our identity as a Reconciling in Christ community. Julie is not only a great role model in the LBGT community but in the greater community as well.

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