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Your Business & Cville Pride

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your business and cville pride

how your business can support cville pride

  • The reasons for your business or organization to support Cville Pride and the Cville Pride Festival abound:
  • It gives your business the chance to gain new customers – and LGBTQ customers tend to be extremely loyal
  • You get featured on our website and social media channels – putting your business in front of literally thousands of local people
  • Your reputation improves – as a supporter of the LGBTQ community, you show dedication and commitment to equality, equity, fairness, and inclusion – values that are increasingly important to customers, especially to millennials, when deciding where to spend money and even work
  • Your support helps increase a sense of acceptance for LGBTQ people
  • It allows the Pride Festival to become a successful event, promoting equality, improving visibility of LGBTQ issues, and giving a safe haven for celebration to marginalized youth, seniors, and families
  • It’s fun!

Partner with us for the reasons that mean the most to you, and no matter what, you’ll be making a huge difference to our community as a whole.

Become a Cville Pride Festival Sponsor

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