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LGBTQ-Friendly Healthcare: Finding a Doctor

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Local health department outreachWhen you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, everyday things like going to the doctor can require extraordinary bravery. The comments and questions you face can be intimidating and disempowering. Whether it’s the front office person looking at you funny, filling out forms that presume a straight, cisgender experience, the intake nurse asking about your sex life, the doctor making snide comments about your ‘kind,’ you feel vulnerable, exposed, awkward. Does your doctor even know about the specific health issues that lesbians, gay men, and trans people need addressed? Do you know? And if you’re sick or hurt or in pain, your ability to advocate for the best treatment and care is even more compromised.

The result? If you’re LGBT, expecting ignorance, bias, and subpar treatment from a doctor, you just don’t go. (Studies show that this opting out of healthcare is just one of several barriers to healthcare affecting the LGBTQ population.) 

LGBTQ-Friendly Doctors: How to Find Them

Did you know? We have a listing here on the Cville Pride website of local providers who have identified themselves as friendly and welcoming to LGBTQ patients.

If you are a provider, you can sign up to be listed. But even better than that? Sign up to be safe-space trained. SafeCville offers trainings specifically tailored to medical and mental health providers.

Do you have a great clinic, therapist, doctor? Let them know about this resource!

LGBTQ Healthcare Resources

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