Remember Pulse: VOTE.

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One year after the Pulse massacre, the 2016 Hate Violence report has come out. As the Huffington Post reports, violence against the LGBTQ community continues. Not only do we see queer people of color and trans people most affected, but the source of the violence is disturbingly intimate:

Hate violence is occurring at schools, workplaces, in our homes and communities. The majority of hate violence survivors experienced violence at the hands of someone they knew, not a stranger on the street. And in the current political climate in which attempts are being made to roll back or limit the rights and protections of LGBTQ people, already unsafe places are being made even more dangerous for our community members.

The “current political climate” can change. How? By all of us going out and voting for representatives who will stand up for our rights.

Tuesday, June 13th, Virginia holds its Democratic primary. In November, we have statewide elections. Do not be mistaken: These elections, in localities and for the state government in Richmond, are vital. Governor McAuliffe has protected LGBTQ Virginians from heinous bills of all kinds. If we don’t have an ally in his seat come November, those bills will get passed – and we will start losing, not gaining, equality.

Make your voice heard. Go to the polls. It’s up to us!

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