Local Cville trans activist, Donna Price.
Donna Price, a Charlottesville activist for transgender rights.

Local Trans Activist Goes to Washington

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Local activist, Donna Price, sent us this press release, and we’re proud and happy to share. Let us know what you’re up to!

Local Cville trans activist, Donna Price.
Donna Price, a Charlottesville activist for transgender rights.


Twenty-Three Transgender Virginians Head to Washington, DC in support of

Transgender Equality

[Charlottesville, VA]— CAPT Donna Price, JAGC, USN (Retired), a transgender

woman, and approximately two dozen other Transgender Virginians will join hundreds

of transgender activists and allies from nearly 40 states and territories as they converge

on Washington, DC for Trans Lobby Day. Hosted by the National Center for

Transgender Equality, the two-day event will equip participants with skills and

information to advocating policies to preserve rights and protections for nearly 1.5

million trans Americans. Transgender Lobby Day will occur June 8 -9 in Washington,

DC. More information is available at www.transequality.org/TransLobbyDay

While at Transgender Lobby Day, participants will hear from speakers, experts and

political officials to help them battle anti-trans bills at the state and federal levels, before

meeting with their elected officials.


Asked why she was attending Transgender Lobby Day, Charlottesville resident, CAPT

Price said, “As an attorney and retired Naval Officer, with 25 years of active duty service

and 39 years as an attorney, having taken oaths as both to protect and defend the

Constitution – which includes fighting discrimination at all levels – it is critical that our

elected officials understand the dangers and discrimination transgender people face

every day. After 8 years of progress under the Obama Administration my community is

now facing ever greater threats and attacks from the current Administration and

Republican-controlled Congress. My service is not yet done!”


According to the 2015 US Transgender Survey, transgender people are twice as likely

to be living in poverty than the general population, and three times as likely to be

unemployed. Because of hate and discrimination, current laws do not sufficiently protect

transgender Americans from workplace and other discriminatory policies and practices.

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