Mike Farruggio, Cville City Council

After reading your questions, I noticed that they had covered topics that I would have little effect on if elected to city council.

However, I appreciate your need to understand more about me and how I might act in the best interest of the GLBT community.  As a policeman, I took seriously the idea “to protect and defend” and that extended to all citizens regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. To many in the GLBT those might sound like empty words but I believe those words have been back up with actions over my life.  I worked at Club 216 and Tryangles as security for about 5 years for Clyde and with Kris Graziano–a long time dear friend. Through that experience I met many of the gay and lesbian community.   To this day I still have friends from those days of working at Club 216.

However my closest relationship in the GLBT community is one of the loves of my life, my daughter. I have four daughters and one of them is gay. I love her as I love all my children. She and her partner are a regular part of our family. We feel lucky that she lives nearby, in Richmond, and we see each other often.

I have told you about my life in order to give you a deeper understanding of my view on proclamations and some ordinances. If elected to council I will not support any ordinance that would have no enforceable effect. It is nothing more than an empty promise that lacks the true force of government but makes those who pass it feel good.  A resolution acknowledging the girl’s HS basketball team, or our HS chorus would be a proper document celebrating their success and I would support that.  But whether it is nuclear weapons, attacking Syria or banning drones or endorsing marijuana, I will defer or vote no every time.  And that is not a reflection of my thoughts pro or con on any of those subjects, it is just a principle.  As for another principle, I am sure we agree that just because someone doesn’t march in a parade or carry a banner doesn’t show a lack of respect because true freedom of choice applies to everyone.

And in the area of bullying or hate crimes, I detest both and would fight as I did as a police officer to protect the victims of any such circumstances.

I hope you understand  a little better who I am and what kind of City Councilor I would be.


  • I do believe that Farrugio cares for the LGBT community. He has devoted many years in the Police Department to protecting individual’s within our community that are LGBT. He also does have a daughter who is lesbian and from what I know loves her with his whole heart, just like he does his other children.
    I also do remember the day that President Obama came to Charlottesville. Farrugio was a sniper and it was his job to protect the POTUS. He did it and was proud that he was able to protect our President of the United States.
    I do know that Mike is against BULLYING of any form, and I would hope that if elected he would continue to become out spoken on more facets within our community and help by becoming a mentor of the Human Rights Commission. I would also hope, that if elected he would be able to attend more LGBT events such as PRIDE and events that promote a BULLY free environment. I have seen Farrugio at PHAR meeting and hope that indeed, is elected he would continue to be open to all people and help make Charlottesville an Open, Free and community that accepts all people.

  • As for Buddy Webber who either did not get the PRIDE e-mail or did not reply… I thought I saw him at the PRIDE event, which was a pleasant surprise. I hope he was there because he believes in equal rights for all people, and support’s PRIDE, but since he did not answer, or was not able to, I am not sure. But I did see him there.

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